How To Be In A Relationship

You just look at them reading in bed one night and your whole body gets filled with this weird warm gooey feeling (like brain semen).

Why Internships Are Bullshit

It was important to make my presence known at Interview so I could set myself apart from the other interns—one of whom I swear to God was South African royalty.

The Twenties We All Deserve

It’s hard for me to explain this to you in a way that will make one hundo percent sense, but I’ll try. Until recently, maybe in the last year or so, I didn’t understand that life could be good.

Coming Out Of The Disabled Closet

My last stop was Simon & Schuster. There, I met with a cute, charming gay guy and a warm, kind, straight man whose face was 70% beard and glasses. Together, we feasted on LOLs until we all ODed and had to go to Beth Israel from a LOL overdose. The next week, they offered me a book deal and I was ecstatic.

The 5 Great Mysteries Of Being In Your 20s

This is the nature of being in your twenties. It’s nearly impossible to have all the boxes checked, unless you’re one of those RARE BREED OF TYPE-A PSYCHOS THAT DOES.