Losing My Virginity Wasn’t As Bad As I Thought

My current boyfriend is the lucky guy who took away my virginity. Actually, I take that back. He didn’t take anything away from me but actually helped me love my body and my sexuality and for that I am grateful.

Depression, Can’t You Just Leave Me Be?

Ever since you first showed up, you have hardly ever given me the space to live fully, let alone breathe. No matter what I do, you follow me everywhere I go like a psycho stalker that lives inside my soul. I am tired of you, please go away. Haven’t you had enough?

I Finally Learned To Love My Crazy Mind

You would suffocate me with torturous thoughts and paralyzing anxiety, rendering me helpless and starving for escape. I hated you with everything I had. I wanted you to leave me alone and spare me from your madness, yet you never listened to my desperate cries for help.

When My Ex-Boyfriend Put His Hands On Me, I Finally Learned To Love Myself

Moving poetry left his lips and I had become addicted to our deep, meaningful conversations. And I can’t forget to mention the rush that overtook me anytime he was around. I lost my own instincts along the way, leaving the red flags to wash over me until they no longer mattered. Our whole relationship became one giant red flag, but I was too blind to see the truth.