Babydoll, That Confusion You Feel Is Called Being In Your Twenties

While we hop, skip, and – let’s be honest – crawl through our days, realizing that the word ‘learn’ never made more sense than it does right now, we find inspiration lurking in places we never imagined, in an old Akon song, in a pathetic chick flick, in a strong mug of coffee, in blinding pain.

The Truth About What It Takes To Love A Writer

We’ve grown up on words of master storytellers who’ve weaved hopes and dreams and love into the fabric of our imagination. So pretend like you understand it, even though sometimes you may not.

The Only Three Resolutions You Really Need In 2018

Give yourself this gift each day—laughter that is conceived in your soul and bursts into your body pushing past your human barriers and erupting within you in the purest, most unadulterated language of joy.