I Don’t Want You To Know Me

I don’t want you to know that I carry the weight of wanting to be something extraordinary, but am too fearful to move forward.

I Left My Heart In London

Wearing your coat, I let my skin feel the weight of your world, layer after layer. I breathe in your familiar smell, a mixture of cigarettes and coffee, and feel the knots inside me loosen.

I Will Learn To Stop Thinking About You

But there is something about the dark spaces in the sky, where the light of the moon doesn’t touch the dark velvet drapes. They draw out the words that harbor under my ribcage.

Even When You’re Heartbroken, You Are Never Alone

I know how it feels when the weight of darkness crashes down onto your chest in the middle of the night, and how you wish things would stop spinning because the axis seems tilted now. I know, love, I know.

This Is How We Will Say Goodbye

I will keep looking at them while you go through the checklist of things you need to bring. I will note how I am not on it and feel the cracks under my ribs escalate with every beating pulse.

I Am Learning To Forget You

We danced with fire and prayed that the flames wouldn’t burn us alive. But I let your carefree words burn stars into my skin, and I let you feed me plans for a tomorrow that would never find me.