Atomic Tom Goes Viral With iPhone ‘Concert’ on NYC Subway

Last Friday, Atomic Tom attempted to go viral by employing in a YouTube clip the ever-growing iPhone-as-instrument, subway performance, and Brooklyn hipster memes. And it worked. The clip has garnered 1.3 million views and their new single jumped to no. 86 on the iTunes single chart. Video after the jump.

TC Month In Review: August

This month at Thought Catalog, we cataloged a lot of thought. Jimmy Chen cataloged thoughts about Old Spice, bird shit, online dating, and porn. Shawn Vandor cataloged a recollection of his vacation to Mallorca, a small Mediterranean island, located to the southeast of Spain. Andrew James Weatherhead cataloged the four times he saw people have seizures.

How Do You Tell Identical Twins Apart? 

“As we got older, she said I just started responding to one name and my sister to the other, so that’s what names we have. We don’t know if we actually respond to the correct names, but we don’t ever plan on looking into it.”