Avoiding Negativity Won’t Turn You Into A Positive Person


I’m sure all of us eventually strive to be a positive person. With a new decade comes new resolutions too, each goal meant to help us get closer to our own best version of ourselves, including becoming more positive in our skin.

When positivity becomes a goal to attain, it is logical to avoid negativity in life. There is a fine line between avoiding drama and avoiding negativity, and it is precisely that very fine line that determines if you are walking towards a brighter future or a slightly grimmer one.

So when exactly do we know if we are doing the correct thing? Drama is usually something that has to do with other people. Sometimes we get too involved with other people’s affairs and become negatively influenced. Avoid this kind of negativity as much as you want.

On the other hand, avoiding negativity doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a positive person. The kind of negativity that you need to face is the obstacles that can affect you in your day-to-day life. We tend to avoid this kind of negativity instead of facing it. By avoiding it, it becomes inevitable that your bucket will eventually get full. Even a single drop can make you spill out everything you have been holding in after all this time.

By making a space for your obstacles, you make it visible and a part of yourself.

By making a space for a conversation, the obstacles can reach into a safe space where embarrassment and feelings of shame can find their way out. By making it visible, you will live side-by-side with your struggles and meanwhile find the courage to make it better for yourself. It means that you will get to a point where you are willing to face it.

Keep your head high and your heart in a good place, because your baggage can only get you down for so long. By confronting it, you are giving yourself a chance to work out this thing we called life. By hiding it, it only will get harder each time to open the door and face the cutthroat cold that forces you to see the truth—your truth.

Negative energy won’t just disappear just because you don’t talk about it or pretend it doesn’t exist.

Mental health is still a stigma that few of us really talk about. Instead, we keep hearing that we need to get over it to become happy. But to “get over it,” don’t we need to face it instead of jotting it down into a bottle and throwing it away into the ocean, where you hope your secrets will never be revealed?

Here is to making space for conversations that are much needed to make this world and the people living in it so much better than before.