Babies or Aliens? A Missing Sock?



This video is cute, no doubt about that, but it’s also a little disturbing. I have never seen babies this animated and vocal. I really can’t decide if what these two are doing is simple mimicry or if a conversation is taking place. The answer should be obvious, but they are very convincing for the latter. This feels like the first found footage of some indigenous people. Or aliens. I’m willing to accept it as footage of aliens.

It’s eerie how one will pause and then laugh at or respond to what the other is saying. Eventually they hit a feedback loop of arm waving and just seem to mirror each other. Their use of gestures makes me think that their parents argue a lot or that they spend the day watching Maury instead of Sesame Street. The twins, along with their parents, made a recent appearance on Good Morning America. They mentioned that the conversation seems to be about the one boy’s missing sock. Who knows?

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