Bad Chapters Don’t Define Your Story


I want you to remember that just because your story has a few bad chapters doesn’t mean you can’t write new ones. Perhaps you need to look at it through a different lens. Those difficult chapters taught you the meaning of healing. They showed you that even after being completely broken you were able to put yourself back together. You survived and you continue to survive every damn day.

Maybe he broke your heart. Into a million shattered pieces. Maybe you loved someone with your entire being. Maybe he wasn’t your forever and maybe you were broken for awhile after it ended. But…you made it and through all of that hurt you came out on top. No matter how broken we are, we are not alone. You are here because it’s your turn to take the pen; to write your new story.

I remember the night you stole something so sacred and precious to me. The night I can never get back. I didn’t deserve it and it wasn’t my fault. I also want to let you know that this realization did not happen overnight. I thought you were the worst chapter of my story, and for awhile I allowed you to be. You do not deserve this much space in my life. I am more powerful than anything you took from me. I will not give you any more ownership of my life.

Bad chapters do not define us and they do not destroy us. We are much stronger and much more resilient than we give ourselves credit. I want you to know that you will get through these tough times. You are so much more than what almost broke you. Promise me that you will hold on and keep fighting because the view from the top is pretty amazing, no matter how difficult the climb.