Report Proves That Airport Baggage Handlers Are Stealing From Passengers And The Worst Is Coming From JFK And LAX


CNN is reporting the results of a nationwide law enforcement sting operation which indicates that the $2.5 million worth of personal belongings that goes missing from checked baggage in airports every year may not just be ‘disappearing’ after all.

Apparently TSA has had to fire 513 agents since 2002 just for stealing out of checked baggage.

From 2000-2014 there were 30,621 complaints of missing items. Some of these items went missing from checked baggage but some even went missing after going through a security checkpoint.

The top airports for theft were JFK and LAX followed by Orlando and Miami international airports. The problem has spurred some airlines to set up hidden cameras to catch instances of theft.


But the best way to protect yourself from an unethical baggage handler is still the oldest, employ a lock. Many travelers feel that they’re safe in turning over their belongings to TSA (you usually are) or might be afraid a lock will ‘flag’ their belongings to be searched. It won’t.

Lock those bags while TSA continues to try to weed out the thieves from those just doing their jobs.