Be A Ghost This Halloween


Having costume panic?

You’re not alone. Every year hundreds of well-meaning twenty-somethings get lost in the Halloween shuffle. There’s too many options and too few. Something store-bought? Something you assemble from various clothing items? Are you something ironic or not? Can you repeat what you were last year? Is your costume out of the pop culture rotation? Are you going to have to explain to everyone that you’re Goku and not just “an anime dude?”

Calm down and change plans. This Halloween, just be a ghost.

Yes, I’m biased. I do love ghosts, but  think about it. Being a ghost solves all your costume specific problems. You’re short on time for something cheap, original, and attractive. You need something that’s obviously a costume without working too hard or paying too much. You need something creative and cool and fun that also won’t be too hot and also will let you go to the bathroom or hook up in peace.

Simple. Be a ghost.

You can be a sexy ghost if you want, with bared arms, tasteful cuts, etc but that’s kind of redundant as all ghosts are sexy. Still, that’s a funny and easy way to spice up a costume and it might give you some flexibility, too.

Here are some simple reasons to be a ghost.

*It’s classic and instantly recognizable. Roll in with a white sheet and big black construction paper circles glued on as ‘eyes’ and you’re a ghost. Simple as that.

*Unless this article goes as viral as it deserves, you are likely to be the only classic ghost at the party, whereas there are bound to be four to five Sexy Marios.

*It’s easy and cheap to make, and you can remove it and put it back on easily for things like public transportation, eating, hooking up, or police questioning.

That’s a serious and tangible advantage over many other difficult, pricey costumes you’re still seeing around. Do you have a Heisenberg costume? A Joker costume? Pop culture icons fade, unlike ghosts (hah, irony.) Vampires are too easy, zombies are too gross, and Frankenstein, well, Frankenstein(‘s monster because we’re all so pedantic) a solid option, but it’s difficult to put it together correctly.

A ghost is a prepared sheet. Done.

Sure, there are other options to put together in a pinch. You could be a mummy, which, like a ghost, is an easy-to-assemble classic that’s going to be original at any party you end up at. But, consider for a moment, how you’d feel seeing a ghost at the party. Maybe the ghost is just chilling. Maybe the ghost is running around, flailing his or her ghostly appendages in the air. Maybe the ghost is just haunting the drink area, straight up chilling. Maybe they’re waiting in stone, terrifying silence to remind you of the true spirit of Halloween.

But whatever they do, they’re ghosting.

Isn’t that what Halloween is about? Doesn’t that just sound kind of great? Be the change you want to be in the world and be a ghost this Halloween. Your party will thank you.