Be A Mirror Of Truth For Those You Love


Be a mirror of truth for those you love.

When those you love feel as if they have no value, show them how much they mean to you. Tell them how this world would be far less beautiful without them in it. Tell them that your own life would be far less beautiful, too. Remind them that value isn’t always about money, it’s not always something you can hold in your hands or exchange at the bank. Value comes from a feeling, something primal and deep. It’s the gaping hole that can be left in one’s chest when the ones they love are no longer here. It’s the feeling of wholeness when they are around, and the understanding that they make your life rich and full. Remind them that they bring that fullness to your life. Remind them that the richness of your life is due, in part, to them.

Be a mirror of truth for those you love.

When they feel as though they have no purpose, show them what they have done for those around them. Remind them of the love, and guidance, and inspiration that they provide. Remind them of the people who seek their wisdom, their help, and their affirmation, too. Tell them that purpose isn’t always clear. Sometimes it can seem as if one’s purpose is a calling card from God or the heavens above – and sometimes it’s gentle and steadfast, like showing up for your family, your friends, and your job.

Be a mirror of truth for those you love.

When they feel as though they are not lovable, show them how much you love them. Tell them, “I love you”. Don’t wait to say it. Those three words have the power to lift a spirit- say them, always and often. Show them how much their love means to you too – recognize how they receive love, and give them the love that they need. Maybe it’s saying the words, “I love you.” Maybe it’s holding their hand and giving them a hug. Maybe it’s picking up that special something when you’re at the store, for no other reason other than you know that they will simply love it. Maybe it’s quality time together – without a screen or a phone or an interruption alongside you. Maybe it’s taking out the trash without them asking, for you know it’s their least favorite household chore. Whatever kind of love they need, be sure to give it to them, always and often.

It’s easy to believe the lies we tell ourselves. It’s easy to internalize the lies others have told about us, too. So when you are part of a tribe that you love more than the sun, moon, and stars combined – be a mirror of truth for them.

Your mirror of truth can break all the lies.

Your mirror of truth will show all the love.