Be Careful With Your Music; People Can Ruin It For You


Be careful with your music. People can ruin it for you.

That song you used as an alarm tone to get you up to the worst days of your life will still be able to put fear in your heart even though it’s all already been and gone. There will be a song that you can’t listen to anymore because it reminds you of whispering your love in his bed in the dark. Another that you’ll hate to hear because you played it on the train on the way home from crushing his heart between your teeth. A whole band you loved that’ll be blacklisted because it was your father’s favourite.

Be careful with your music. If you ever love another song, hide it away in the best moments of you – when you’re in the sun on your own and smiling. Maybe then you’ll be able to hear it for the rest of your days without feeling your heart break.