Be Gentle With Yourself After Facing Rejection


There’s a famous saying that you’ve probably heard relentlessly on either a television show or from a parent: “Rejection is God’s protection.”

If you’re anything like me, you’re not always so fond of the phrase. If you’re anything like me, when you work hard for something or someone and it’s just not working in your favor, you tend to become frustrated, impatient, and begin to think you’re unworthy of whatever is supposed to come into fruition.

Take a promotion for example.

You hear there’s an open position in your department. You put in the hard work, come to work five to ten minutes early and leave five to ten minutes late. You organize every important meeting, jot every note down that you possibly can and extend yourself to co-workers in need.

But, sorry – it went to Dave. The guy next to you who’s more than likely at his desk watching reruns of The Office on Netflix.

You heart sinks and you’re left with the burning question: ‘Am I good enough?’ Do you see where I’m going with this? No?

Take a new love for example.

You meet a person you think is your only person. You’ve been dating and suddenly you find yourself ignoring any other possible suitors and focusing your attention on that one specific person.

Everything seems to go right until they tell you they’re no longer interested in your company anymore – or whatever other excuse in the book they may have.

Here we are again. Your heart sinks and you’re left with the burning question: ‘Am I good enough?’

The truth is, life comes with ‘yes-s,’ ‘no-s,’ ‘maybe-s’ and ‘not right now-s.’ In any aspect in life you’re going to question yourself and your efforts. You’re going to ask several what-ifs and create scenarios in your head that could or should or would have happened if you tried a little harder.

The important thing is to remember what’s meant for you will be yours. It’s cliche to say, but allowing yourself to believe that timing is everything will save you from doubting yourself.

Be gentle with yourself. You are a work of art. Find patience and understanding in rejection. There will come a time when there will finally be a ‘yes.’

Not because you rushed it, not because you played your cards right but because it belongs to you.