Be Gentle With Yourself When You’re ‘Under Renovation’


Be gentle with yourself while you are under renovation. Find patience and understanding with the time it takes to clean your windows and dust off your shelves. You have gotten so used to the old and familiar that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be drowning in the blissful feeling of self-acceptance. You may have found peace within the parts of you that reconciled a tumultuous time, but you mustn’t forget that growth is both necessary and uncomfortable. Sometimes you have to cut loose the parts of you that no longer belong; replace the old and decaying with the new and enchanting.

Find yourself in the midst of your breakdown—don’t flounder in the shame of your renovation—rejoice in the fact that you have the ability to rebuild what has been broken. Take as much time as you need to clean out your closet and rid yourself of past memories and people who no longer help hold your bone structure in place. In fact, while you’re under renovation, forget the idea that you need others to hold you up. You were built with enough strength in your very bones to stand for as long as it takes to get where you need to be.

And darling, please be forgiving with yourself when the blueprints you drew up no longer match the masterpiece you are building. Art is a process not perfection, and sometimes it may feel like you’re starting over but please hear me when I say: every move you make is adding to the beauty you already encompass. If someone should criticize the hues you chose to paint yourself with, remind them that you do not exist to please anyone other than yourself. Your smile will burn brighter and last longer when you learn that happiness is only dependent upon yourself. Even during your uncertainty, you hold the master plan and no one can diminish the authority you hold over your life.

Be gentle with yourself while you are under renovation. It is not a simple, linear, or calculated process. And darling, believe me when I say, it will be hard work. It will be indescribably draining and definitely more than you planned for, but renovations rarely go as anticipated and still consistently prove to be worth the time and effort. You are a masterpiece, my darling. You are worth every small step and calculated error; your renovation will be revolutionary, just you wait and see.