Be Grateful For Your Hardships, They Gave You Strength


Growing up, we’re taught to count our blessings, that no matter where we stand, we are still more fortunate than someone else in the world. Everyone to a certain extent is grateful for their family, their great friends, a roof over their head, the food on the table, good health etc, but that list is so generic it no longer holds any merit. It’s easy to appreciate the things we have been given when life is going well, but how thankful are we when things get taken away from us? How much do we appreciate our heartbreaks and downfalls?

Everyone reaches a point in their life where they regret all the poor decisions they have made. They want to take back the time they wasted with the wrong people, the time they didn’t give to the right people, the trust they gave to those who didn’t deserve it, the years spent chasing a fruitless ambition only to reach a dead end. But what we fail to recognize is that no experience is a waste of time. Your past, both good and bad, has built you into the person you are today. Celebrate the wisdom your downfalls gave you and remember that the only power your past should hold is the power to turn you into something better than you were before.

Be grateful for your struggles, they gave you your strength. Be grateful for every moment in life that pushed you down to your knees, it taught you how to stand. Be grateful for every person who wronged you, they helped you appreciate the people who never did.

We think the purpose of life is to figure out its mystery, but the truth is there is nothing to solve. Things falls apart, then come back together and each storm that destroys you holds a lesson. The point of life isn’t to try to figure out the key to your happily ever after, nor is it to make your heart so hard that nothing can break you. The point is to learn to rise to rise from the ashes every time you get burned. Something beautiful happens when someone’s world shatters, a humility rises out of it. And sometimes when life brings a person to their knees, they learn how to bow down and pray. Your character when you hit rock bottom reveals a lot about who you are. Don’t run away from that, embrace it.

Just when you learn to admire the beauty of the sunset, it leaves you. But learn to love the darkness as well, because it’s the darkness that teaches you the value of the sunrise it brings.