Be Kind To Yourself, Even When You Feel Like You’re The Worst


You feel flooded by shame, distraught that you aren’t enough, embarrassed that you spoke without thinking, guilty that you didn’t act on your values. You wallow in self-pity, wondering if you will ever stop feeling awful about how you carry yourself. But be kind to yourself, even when you feel like you’re the worst.

Be kind to yourself when you make mistakes.

You worry that everyone’s honing in on your flaws, noticing your perceived failures, judging you as incompetent. You wonder if you will ever feel capable after witnessing your gaffes in slow motion, feeling powerless to halt the inevitable. But show yourself love in the midst of your flaws, because in moments of shame and self-doubt, you deserve your own care.

Be kind to yourself when you speak without thinking.

You fear that your words irreparably damaged your relationships, showing your true colors, highlighting the foolishness that you believe resides within you. You long to disappear, to detach from the world, to avoid and evade instead of facing the consequences of your actions. But instead of unraveling your relationships in the midst of your harsh internal dialogue, speak your truth with kindness and care, showering the world and yourself in gentle clarity.

Be kind to yourself when you stray from your values.

You feel awash in guilt, your heart racing out of your chest as you acknowledge the pain of the past arriving to haunt your present. You relentlessly question your authenticity, the sense of virtue you preach, as you berate yourself for walking away from the precious beliefs you cherish. But even as your head throbs and your heart aches, even as you question your identity and mull over how you could have left your core beliefs behind, give yourself the grace to begin again, to recommit to the tenets that rule your life without fear of divine punishment.

You sink under the crushing weight of your own perceptions, feeling like your mistakes strip you from your right to treat yourself with kindness. You cry, isolate, and retreat out of fear that you are fundamentally flawed. But be kind to yourself, even when you feel like you’re the worst. Your own love and care will heal your heart and cleanse your soul.