Be Mine For Forever (Or Just For The Night)


Laying here beside you, our hands intertwined
As I drift off to sleep, I wish you were mine
Mine for forever or mine for the night
Mine until the pain in my heart says goodbye.


What are we doing? What are we?
Unsought questions start flooding my mind.
What are you thinking? Do you love me?
I know the answers, but my tongue is tied.


I know you’re scared, trust me I do
Because I feel the same, I am scared too


Scared of holding on too tight,
Scared of letting go
Scared of what the world might say,
Scared that they might know


Cause if they knew,
Then it would be the end
The end of something that had no beginning
The loss of a love that was never winning


And I am scared.
I am so fucking scared.


So, please.
If you don’t mind,


Lay with me a little longer, keep our fingers intertwined
Let’s drift off to sleep, like everything is fine
Be mine for forever, or just for the night.


Darling, be mine, everything is all right.

Everything is all right.