Be Patient—Self-Growth Takes Time


Lately, we have been hearing and reading a lot about a specific topic: self-growth. What does it mean and how does it impact our lives daily? Why do people seem so fascinated by it? What does self-growth bring into your life ?

Personal growth is also known as self-development or personal development. It involves the enhancement of all aspects of a person, but also the feelings a person has about themselves and the impact on their life daily. The goal is to develop positive life skills as well as a realistic healthy self-esteem.

Being more self-aware allows you to see your value. It allows us to know our worst flaws and best qualities. We see ourselves clearly for who we are. Nevertheless, it demands work. It demands inner work, hard work that will rip you apart to put the pieces together. This raw work will bring you freedom because you will finally be at peace with yourself.

Conclusively, when we can see our value, we see the potential we have within and we can accomplish wonders.

It is a great initiative to start with reading self-help books, talk about it to our friends, or even start therapy, however, you won’t see the results right away. Why? Growth and being self-aware takes time. You will experience moments where you will feel proud of yourself, and you will experience setbacks. Yes, growth sometimes means one step forwards and two steps back. Yes, sometimes it means you will find yourself on the bathroom floor, crying for no reason. Yes, sometimes it means you will be able to set boundaries with these toxic people or put a stop to old toxic habits. Yes, sometimes you won’t be able to see how your own behaviour is sabotaging you until you take a minute and look at yourself in the mirror to understand you should have handled this situation differently. Next time it happens, you won’t react in the same way because you would have learned from your mistakes. Sometimes, you will think you can’t do it. Sometimes, you will feel like giving up. That is precisely when you have to learn to pick yourself up over and over again. You are the only one who can save yourself. No knight riding a white horse is going to save you. You are the only one who can and will.

The truth is, nobody will come and pick up the pieces for you. It takes time—months, most probably years. It is hard. You really need to want to put the effort into it. However, it is worth it.

The sooner you understand this notion, the eager you’ll be to start the work to improve yourself for you.

Now, one last thought: Don’t forget that you are your own hero and you can do this. You can accomplish all the goals you set for yourself and you deserve the life of your dreams. Go get those dreams!