Be Still, My Heart


Be still, my heart, not all is lost. I see you gazing where he once stood. I hear you repeating those words he told you, I hear those questions:

“Was it all a lie?”

“Did he ever care?”

“Did he truly love me?”

Find rest, my heart, life will not cease because he left you. There is too much light inside for you to grow dim because of a man who never saw your worth. Beauty remains even though he never saw it.

Do not worry about the dust he left behind. Do not scar yourself as you gather the broken pieces of a love he never deserved. Find rest in this blessing, that he walked away and you can now find release and prepare your heart for what is truly meant for you.

Please, dear heart, do not find flaws in your past, in those decisions you made that you still call mistakes. You gave yourself to one who did not have eyes to see your beauty, who did not possess the tenderness to love you. You lack nothing. Do not draw on his inability to love you as a measure of your worth. For your worth has extended far beyond this man’s presence in your life, and it will continue even though he is gone.

So be still, my heart, and remember that you are whole, you have always been whole. You may be a little bruised, your beats tentative, but he has taken nothing of your worth. Do not view his absence as a void, but as room for you to rise. Take this space and make it into something beautiful. Let it celebrate your courage to blossom in spite of heartache. Let it celebrate the gentle way you are carrying on. Let it celebrate all this love you possess, the value and beauty that has never left you.