Be The Girl Who Can Love Unapologetically, Even After Her Heart Breaks


Heartbreak is difficult, it’s devastating and it leaves you feeling vulnerable and confused. It leaves you feeling unwanted and lost. You have to try to pull yourself together and pull your crumbling life out of the hole you’ve buried yourself in after the days or weeks or months of allowing yourself time to desolate and let go of the life you built with him.

Heartbreak isn’t easy, it’s really really tough.

I’ve been there, not able to eat, not able to look at anyone without bursting into tears, not moving from bed. I’ve felt those feelings before, but I moved on.

You have to find the broken pieces and start picking yourself up, piece by piece. You have to put yourself back together because the only way to heal is on your own by yourself. You have to mend your own heart, you have to sew it back together and care for it the way you know how.

I know you feel hurt, betrayed, wrecked and emotionally unstable. I know you’ve gone through hard times, spent lonely nights crying yourself to sleep and thinking it will never get better, but it will.

I promise it will.

So please, be the girl who still believes in love even after everything she has been through. After the pain and hurt you’ve felt and suffered, still love with all your heart when love presents itself to you again.

And when it does, promise you’ll be the girl who can still love with everything she has in her because when the right guy comes along he deserves that. It will feel different and you might be holding back because you’re guarding your heart, but it will be good. You might be scared, at first, but give him a chance.

He deserves the girl that isn’t hung up on her ex, he deserves the girl who still wants to put everything she has into the relationship despite what she might have gone through before. He deserves your best, your everything and your undivided love because the right guy will give that back to you.

He will make you feel special and important. He will make you feel loved and cared for. He will make you feel like no matter what, nothing can hurt you because with him you feel safe.

Love him like you’ve never had a broken heart, love him like you’ve never felt pain, love him like he will love you. Don’t hold back because you’re scared of being broken and shattered again because that will only hurt your relationship. He isn’t the same guy as your ex, it’s a new relationship and it needs a new, fresh start. So give it the opportunity to have one.

I know you can’t forget about your past, but use it to make your next relationship stronger and better.

And no matter what you do, please don’t say you’re giving up on love. Love is incredible and beautiful, and even though it broke your heart last time doesn’t mean it will happen again.

Be the girl who still loves unapologetically even after her heart is broken because once you start holding back you’re not going to feel happiness and whole again. Don’t be the girl who misses on out love because of a broken heart, because being alone is definitely not better than being in love.