Be The One Who Nourishes Others


Be the person who nourishes people as they come to your home and have a seat at your table. Feed them food that not only fuels their bodies, but blesses those bodies all the same. Give them the nutrients that they need in order to thrive, but don’t be afraid to give them sugar, too. Let your love pour into the food that you cook for them so that each bite they take is not only fuel for health, life, and growth, but also an understanding of how much they are loved and cared for. The food you cook is a representation of your love and a way to nourish each fiber of their being. Let your table reflect that. Let the walls of your home provide the framework for nourishment, too. When your home is a place of respite and peace, the greatest growth can occur. Invite those you love to your home, and as you devour on the meal you so lovingly prepared, let yourselves get lost in the sounds of laughter and chatter. Let yourself linger at the table as you feast, as you drink, and as you learn about one another over conversations that never want to end.

Be the person who nourishes the minds of those you love and the ones of those you meet. Encourage original thought and discussion. Present them with new art, media, and ideas that they wouldn’t normally consume. Remember that it’s okay to diversify your tastes, and that in doing so, you’re not leaving things behind, you’re just opening your mind to encompass newness. Challenge them to think beyond what they see, what they hear, and what they already know. Don’t shy away from difficult or controversial conversations — remember that you can unpack, discuss, and learn about tricky topics without offending one another if you remain rooted in honesty and love. Ask your tribe to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone — to dig deeper into their thoughts, their ideas, their hopes, their fears, and their dreams. But make sure you stretch right alongside them, too, for nourishment of the mind is a constant journey, and one best taken when we travel together. Nourish their minds with positive thoughts and affirmations. Feed them the truth always.

Be the person who nourishes the souls of everyone around you. Art doesn’t just nourish the mind, it nourishes the soul, too. Show them films and theatre that speak to their spirit and make them look at the world more closely. Play them music and tell them stories that reignite their faith in humanity. Engage with them in a way that casts any facade aside and lets you see them in their entirety. When you ask them how they’re doing, stop long enough to truly hear the answer. Listen to them when they speak you, and let your ears be as open as your mind and as your heart. Find things that speak to their spirit, and listen when their soul speaks, but above all else, nourish their soul’s love. Love them through their thicket of darkness and struggle. Hold their hands as they journey toward the light. Lift them up when they no longer have the strength to stand on their own. Celebrate their joys, their successes, and their happiness right alongside them. Remind them of their worth, of their value, and of how much they mean to you often. Say “I love you,” for those three little words have the power to nourish more than any food found on your table.

Be the person who nourishes others — body, mind, and soul.