Be With Someone Who Lets You Be A Total Weirdo


Be with someone who loves to be silly with you just as much as they enjoy being sexual with you. That kind of dynamic relationship where one day, you can be rocking that black lace lingerie, and the next? Oh, you are straight Netflix and chillin’ in your favorite onesie pajamas from Target.

Be with someone who lets you pop their massive zit even though you’re definitely not supposed to do that and, let’s be honest, it’s pretty disgusting. But they know you have a weird obsession with watching those nasty blackhead removal videos and you’re dying to squeeze the life out of that sucker. So they brace themselves and say, “Go nuts, you freak.”

Be with someone who wants to be your partner-in-strange. Go on adventures that others would deem childish. Go to Build-A-Bear and make your inner child very happy. Dance with one another like EVERYONE is watching, but frankly? You just don’t care. You’re too happy together to even notice.

Be with someone who knows you can’t help yourself from doing weird voices or impressions. They don’t just put up with all those long-winded stories of yours, complete with exaggerated inflections and cartoonish movements, they’re loving it, smiling at your absurdity the whole time. Be with someone who is laughing with you, not at you. They never make you the joke. They prefer to enjoy the punchline alongside you.

Be with someone who has seen you at your worst. Those times you were selfish, insecure, or lied about stupid shit that didn’t even need to be lied about. Have them call you out. Admit your own faults, but don’t fall to pieces because of them. Acknowledge them. Work on what you can. But know this person doesn’t love you in spite of your flaws, they just love you for who you are.

Be with your best friend. Count on them to be there when things aren’t easy and promise them the same. Try. Wake up every single day and try.

Be with someone who lets you be a total weirdo.

Be with someone who lets you be you.