Be With The Person Who Is A Book You Never Want To Stop Reading


Love is one of the weirdest things in the world.

It’s up and down, thrilling and terrifying, constantly changing. It slices you open more than anything else ever has before. It takes your heart out of your chest and places it in someone else’s hands. It makes you feel high and vulnerable and joy-filled and frustrated, all at the same time.

Every day it changes. You change, they change, the attraction levels change, the happiness levels change, the frustration levels change – high and low and mild and all over the place, never sitting still.

Love is beautiful, but it’s never going to be easy. Because the deeper you go, the harder it gets. 

So find the person who is a book you never want to stop reading.

The one who makes you want to keep turning the page, even when they irritate you so much that you want to scream. The one you want to learn more about every day, because they fascinate you and inspire you and open your eyes and make you care about things you never used to care about.

The one who says things in a way that no one else says, things that sound so much sweeter simply because of the voice giving them life.

Be with the person who is a book you never want to stop reading, because their feelings and worries and fears and joys have become a part of you too. And instead of this making you feel like you’re losing yourself, all it makes you feel is more in-tune with yourself, because you have grown to learn how truly capable your heart is of feeling deep, unparalleled love.

Be with the person who is a book you never want to stop reading, because they make you realize things about yourself that you would have never come to understand otherwise. The person who makes you feel so loved for being who you are and so safe to continue growing into the person you want to be, knowing that they will love you no matter what.

Love them back. Let them be the person that you always want to know. Show them who you are now and trust that they will still want to know you in forty years. Trust that you will want to know them too. Find them. Be with them. Because with them you’ll never stop.