Be Your Own Bae


There’s the serial monogamist. There’s the chronically single girl. There’s the emotionally unattached girl. Then there’s me- the Bae of the Month girl.

It’s become a running joke with my roommates. I match with someone online, throw a temper tantrum before our first date (I hate first dates), fall completely enamored with the person, then spiral into a pit of depression when it inevitably falls apart. It’s gotten to the point where my roommates can’t even remember the poor guy’s name- instead they are known as Swimmer Bae, Dentist Bae, Mansion Bae, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

These people were all successful, kind individuals but all had some crazy quirks- from going Vegan for a month based on his favorite food blogger to confiding that he might be a sociopath and relies on constant over-stimulation. The strangest part is that regardless of the specific perks, the pattern always holds true.

I can’t help but wonder how many other girls are stuck in this cycle. Is it due to online dating? Is it due to the idea of “soulmates” and our fear of settling with anyone less than perfect? Everyone’s constant desire to “upgrade”?

I hate the idea of upgrading- that you will find someone who is “less crazy”, “more spontaneous”, “lives closer”, you name it. The thing is we are all people- we all have flaws and battle scars. Hell, by your 20s, who hasn’t had a terrible relationship….or 5. Upgrading isn’t really upgrading when you are merely swapping out flaws.
Bae of the Months get exhausting and emotionally destructive. I think I’d rather go on dates with my horse or my best friend’s dog than endure this perpetual cycle.

The only Bae that matter this month is me.