Beauty YouTubers Are Unboxing Their PR Packages On Camera And We Are Shook At All Of The Free Stuff


Influencers get free things. This is a fact.

But until now, us normal folks never really knew just how much they were receiving. Turns out — its a lot. A new trend on YouTube has started to showcase the sheer volume of product these social media stars are getting from sponsors and brands vying for their seal of approval, and though we’re kind of disturbed, and a little envious, we can’t really look away. These hauls are addictive.

If you want to fall down the rabbit hole that is this trend, here are some of our favourite YouTubers and their PR videos. Try not to explode with jealousy.

Do you think brands are being excessive when it comes to the free product they send out? Or do you think its a genius way for them to market their merchandise?