Bebe Zeva: Alt-Teen Par Excellence


Bebe Zeva

Bebe Zeva is a seventeen-year-old hipster from Las Vegas, NV. In 2009, she rose to ‘microfame’ when she was featured on Hipster Runoff modeling the “I Am Carles” t-shirt line. She maintains two popular blogs (a Tumblr and a WordPress), has 1,167 followers on Twitter, regularly recieves ‘mad hype’ on, and has been asked and answered over 2,000 questions on Formspring.

Bebe Zeva modeling the “I Am Carles” t-shirt

Why, in your view, has your Internet presence become so popular?
I just keep expanding my presences. I don’t limit myself to one spotlight and I don’t think I ever will. Honestly, I don’t believe I am “too good” for any type of microfame,well, with the exception of pornography, camwhoring, and department store modeling.

How did you become involved in Hipster Runoff? What are some memorable things that “Carles” has said to you on Gmail chat?
Carles discovered me in 2007 when I was just a wee fourteen-year-old entry-level alt. He says a lot of memorable things on Gmail chat, but in order to maintain the exclusivity of our meaningfulcore bond, I won’t repeat any of them.

Do you exercise regularly?
My exercise mainly comes from walking. I used to do kickboxing and jazz dance.

What is your favorite website, and why?
Obviously, Hipster Runoff. It completely captures my sense of humor. Carles and I maintain the same “the internet is just a game” mindset, which makes us extremely compatible. He’s the one who introduced me to that perspective in the first place.


What are some memorable things that were said or that happened while constructing this blog post?
I’d have to say the most memorable moment for me was my entire conversation with the second dude I interviewed (he identified himself as “Polaroid”). This guy
honestly believed that he was an “indie kid.” His knowledge of MGMT had him
feeling “transcendent” over his general social scene, but not transcendent enough to separate himself from attending raves and socializing with ravers. I hate to be like this, but he is the absolute epitome of a self-unaware poseur. I affectionately stroked his ego, regardless.

If you had to choose between eating 500 waffle cones in one sitting while being filmed by a reporter who is broadcasting live on CNN and is constantly mimicking and yelling expletives at you,or gradually growing a gigantic weird bumpy thing on the side of your face; which would you choose?
Without even considering the second option, I chose the 500 waffle cones. Definitely seems like an extreme undertaking, but if I “smoked a lot of dank” I’d probably be hungry enough. And having a powerful, older man yelling at me seems kind of sexually stimulating.

Who are three people whose personal brands you admire, and why?

  • Unchill AZN Bro because he’s a gimmick maverick.
  • Zachary German because he’s extremely hot but for some reason still nice to the little people.
  • Travis McFarland because he has the best sense of humor in the multiverse and beyond.

Anything else you want to mention?
Yeah- follow me on twitter (@bebezeva) and check out my buzznet, I just got started: