Before We Move On To The New Year, Give Yourself Credit For Getting Through 2020


Before we move into a new year, take a moment to give yourself credit.

Give yourself credit for your courage and composure this year.

Give yourself credit for how you adapted to life when it halted and changed course without any warning.

Give yourself credit for how you compromised with life when your freedom was taken away.

Give yourself credit for how you woke up every day to what felt like the same day—the same news, the same four walls—yet you still charged through your day.

Give yourself credit for your creativity, for how you came up with ways to make your house your office, gym, spa, theatre, and restaurant.

Give yourself credit for how you resurfaced old hobbies and invented new ones to connect with what ignites you.

Give yourself credit for how you shortened the distance between you, your family, and your friends by connecting in ways which were foreign to you—in ways which made you realize that you can still feel people without touching them.

Give yourself credit for spreading love and happiness through floating emojis, likes, comments, and your own vulnerable posts.

Give yourself credit for being extra patient with the ones you share your roof with, for sharing the couch and TV a little more than you’re used to.

Give yourself credit for going to bed with uncertainty. Give yourself credit for waking up feeling excited and hopeful for the things you used to be nonchalant about: the morning sun, first snow, the sound of people laughing outside, airplanes in the sky, and a new package at your doorstep.

Give yourself credit for not judging someone’s intention, character, and attitude behind their mask, for surrendering your trust to the world when it needed it the most.

Give yourself credit for being patient with people at work and for realizing they need just as much understanding and cooperation as you do.

Give yourself credit for comforting and consoling a heart at a distance that ached from a loss of a loved one this year.

Above all, give yourself credit for how you accomplished far more this year than you planned for.

Lastly, give yourself credit for finding alternate ways to ring in the new year and for knowing you’ll be celebrating a little differently this year—perhaps a little quieter, a little cozier.