Before You Move On, This Is What I Want You To Know


Before you let me go. Before we become something to look back at instead of looking forward to. Before we become nothing. Before we set each other free. Hold on to me one last time. Lock my heart with yours for a moment. Make me feel alive one last time. Break me with the softness of your touch one last time. Kill me with your kindness one last time. Catch my breath away with your kiss one last time. Choose me for the day, be mine for one last night.

Before you leave, spell to me the truth. Overwhelm me with your honesty. Tell me the lies you said to me. Tell me the things from your past you were ashamed to share. Tell me how you really feel about me. Tell me what I actually mean to you. Tell me how I changed you. Give me answers to rest my racing mind. Give me closure to mend my broken heart. And give me hope to carry on.

Before you walk out of my life, convince me why you can’t stay. Show me how we aren’t right for each other. Prove to me that I deserve someone better. Tell me all the reasons why we are not meant to be. Because you’re the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

You have a soul deep as the ocean. A smile bright as the sun. And a heart that feels like home. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And honestly, I don’t know how to move on from you.

Before the story with your forever person begins, know that our story is a beautiful one. What we have is real. What we felt for each other is authentic. We deeply care for each other. Sometimes in life, the best things are not meant to stay because they are meant to teach us something that cannot be taken away instead. Don’t let what matters go unspoken. Don’t let your fears hold you back from having a magical experience with someone. Don’t keep the one who loves you the most at an arm’s length. Don’t miss out on the chance you have been secretly waiting for. Don’t throw away the gift you have been given from above. Don’t underestimate how blessed you are to find love that is worth the trouble.

And before you actually move on, I want you to know that losing you pains me to the core. I’ve never imagined that I will be saying goodbye to you. I’ve never imagined that our paths will separate. I’ve never believed that our hearts are better off alone than together. I’ve never thought that I will let you go.

And I’ve never thought that you will let me go either. I always knew our love was not easy. But, I never thought it would come with an expiry date. I love you. I love you the best way I know how. I love you at your best, and at your worst. I love you nonetheless.