Before You Walk Away, Make Sure To Fight


Some people look at walking away as cowardice. Like you’re giving up if you decide its best to leave a situation or a person. While walking away is never the only choice, sometimes it is the best choice. You should never feel guilty for how you feel and if your feelings lead you to fly, that’s fine.

It’s okay to leave someone behind. It’s okay if your natural instinct is to fly, to flee. But don’t leave without fighting first.

Fight for things to be better than they are.
Fight for people you think you’ve lost.
Fight for how you want to feel.

Before you fly, fight. Because it is the only way you are going to know that you left trying your hardest to make things better, to be better.

Don’t fight for the other person or for an unhealthy situation. Fight for yourself. Fight for how you feel. Fight against the idea that flying away is your only option. Just make sure you put in the work to improve things before you leave. If you do that, then you’re not giving up. You’re making a decision to be better than the situation that you fought for that just couldn’t be fixed.

And it’s hard to face but some situations can’t be improved and some people can’t change. Sometimes life is just hard and things don’t make sense. You can cry, you can run, you can fight, but nothing you do will change anything.

When you lose hope in everything and everyone, that’s when you lose your will to fight. That’s when you make the decision that you can’t make a difference by fighting and sometimes that’s true, but sometimes it isn’t.

And it’s better to live for the times when fighting against what’s easy does make a change than living with the idea that running is your safest option.

Running is not cowardice, not always.
And fighting will not always fix the situation.
But before you fly you should always fight.

It’s proof that you tried and that you cared. Even if in the end it seems like your efforts made no difference they did, in you. Fighting makes you a better person. Fighting shows you your true desires and stretches you so that you know how far you would go to make your life beautiful.

Fight before you fly because it will give you a glimpse into your humanity and that isn’t something you should ever run away from.