Behind The Illusion Of ‘Relationships’


We’re all just trying to get back the feeling from that “first high” — one that’ll always leave a sour taste after it ends.

Relationships you’ve invested on will always be worth it, regardless it was official or not; regardless if it all went up to dust. Why? Because love has no guarantees. You spend most of your life looking for the kind of high you’ve tasted on that very first bite, without knowing if you’ll ever find or feel it again. There are no disclaimers. No warnings. No assurances that the ride will never end. No promises you’ll still be holding the same hand you’re holding right now.

Relationships are based on nows, not forevers. You didn’t fall for someone for how they’ll become in the future. You fall for someone because they’re your present; they’re your now.

Relationships are all about choice. Every single day you have to choose for love. You have to choose love and the ugly side of love. You have to choose the kind of love that brings you pain, the kind of love that hurts you; the kind of love that sacrifices, the kind of love that makes you selfish — the kind of love that changes you.

Relationships meant to have space. You have to have a connection with yourself, individually. You have to face the reality that it’s not always about the two of you. For a relationship to work, both must respect each other’s personal boundaries.

Relationships are collections of compromises. When you take back someone who’s left you with open arms, are you’re choosing love over what you deserve? But isn’t it love that you deserve? even after a thousand deep breaths and little pleas just to keep your love alive while you watch each other drift away from what you’re used to be?

But after all these rather honest actualities about relationships, there is one thing about it that I’ll always be reminded of:

A relationship is not a home. It’s about healing wounds, retracing scars, jagged patterns with silent notions that sharing intimate thoughts and feelings can vindicate moments of regret and illusions about what we’re running after: The “first high.”