Being A Boss Is The Hardest Thing You Will Ever Do


Managing people isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not an easy job. There isn’t a single person who could tell you with accuracy the real struggles of managing a team of people with different personalities and views in life.

You may be a good leader for some, you may be an annoying one for the rest. Some may perceive you as controlling, others may perceive you as their mentors.

Your bosses may see a potential in you that others couldn’t. The light that you radiate might inspire others to follow your path while some might consider it a blinding obstruction to their line of sight.

You will make unpopular decisions for the benefit of everyone. But not all of them will understand it. Some will consider you as an antagonist of your own team. Others will always challenge your decisions, waiting for you to falter.

Some will disrespect you, waiting for you to return the favor so they can tell others, “I’ve always been right about her.” You will be torn between following what is right and considering your team members’ situations.

You will think of following the rules as your guide but there will be times when you have to feel what’s in your heart and follow what you believe is necessary, even if the majority says otherwise.

People will compare you to different leaders and managers that they have worked with before. They will make you feel bad and unreliable. They will tell stories of how poor you are at managing people and how the role has gotten into you and that you have forgotten how to be human.

Some will have the guts to bypass you because they don’t believe in you. Others will tell you how to manage your own team.

There will be days when you will feel as if what you’ve done is still not enough for them to see your efforts and to feel respected and appreciated.

There will be days when you will question your skills and capabilities as a leader.

There will be days when your faith and patience will be tested.

There will be days when you will think of just quitting because it’s easier than trying to prove them that you deserve the role and that you’ve worked hard to get there.

But I’m telling you to please never give up. Never give up trying and doing what you believe is right for your team.

Listen to what others tell you but never compromise your principles so that you can please the majority. Make decisions, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Adopt some of the leadership skills that you’ve learned from others but never disregard your team’s opinions and feedback. Always go back to the cause that you believed in when you applied for the role.

Remind yourself all the time that you were placed there for a reason. Remember those who believe in your cause and who have placed their trust and faith in you. Never fail them. Never give up on them.

Think and feel what you believe will be beneficial for your team. But remain open to feedback and criticisms. That’s where you’re going to get your strength to examine your course of action before executing it.

Keep your eyes on the goal. All. The. Time.

And to all the bosses I’ve had before, I want to say sorry for being a pain in the ass in the past. I used to complain a lot when I encountered challenges without thinking of what my manager was going through just to keep the team intact.

To all my bosses now, I truly appreciate the guidance. Being a leader is not an easy task.

As John Maxwell has put it into writing: “Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.”

Empower yourself first so you can empower others.