Being A Girly-Girl: It’s NOT A Crime


With the rise of feminism in recent years, women have wanted power in many ways. Equal rights in the workplace, at school, and generally, everywhere.

But hey, we want equal rights as men do, but that doesn’t mean that we are men (literally). That doesn’t mean that all women are supposed to be aggressive, independent, like “manly” colors and should go around hating dresses and skirts.

That’s a huge misconception a lot of people have today. I think what feminism wants to say that: women come in varied forms, we have more masculine women and more feminine women and that it’s okay to be who you are.

(By the way, it’s okay to open doors whether you’re a man or woman, cause it doesn’t really support male chauvinism, it supports helping another human.)

On to the topic of girly-girls, who are stereotyped to liking Barbie, pink and all sorts of girly shows like Lizzie McGuire, loving fashion, nail polish etc. What’s so bad about it? Is it such a crime to love something that’s girly/feminine – and must that be considered “weak”? Does wearing dresses make you any less of an independent woman?

I highly doubt so. There’s always been this argument that feminine = weak. Men may be physically stronger, but when it comes to mental strength, there’s no telling who’s stronger. It’s different for different individuals, whether man or woman. Besides, just because women like things like clothes, doesn’t mean they’re superficial (aka not smart) you know? There are so many fashion bloggers and vloggers today who are incredibly smart, and fashion is their hobby.

“Girls like pink, boys like blue,” — I don’t know if you’ve heard that maxim as a kid, but I did. So what if girls like pink? For God’s sake, it isn’t a crime! But by allowing the younger generation, especially to nurture these stereotypes, we’re suppressing them. Even if a girl did like pink, she might not admit cause it’s not cool.

At the end of the day, I believe there are two questions for you to answer: Who are you comfortable being? What choices best reflect you?

If the answer to those questions stereotype you to be a girly-girl, so what? Embrace it. Enjoy it. Hey, you were born to be a girl for a reason.

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