Being A Strong Girl Doesn’t Make You A Bitch


Strong girls come across as bitchy because they don’t take shit from anyone. They have been taken advantage of before. They have been strung along and lied to before. They have had their hearts shattered before — and that is why they decided to make a change. That is why they raised their standards.

Strong girls aren’t going to accept your bullshit excuses. They expect you to tell the truth. If they catch you in a lie, then they are going to call you out on it. They don’t care about causing drama, because they aren’t going to let you walk over them. They aren’t going to stay quiet and wish that you would change. They are going to ask you to change — and if you refuse, they are going to walk out of your life with their head held high.

Strong girls have a strong sense of self. They don’t let relationships determine their value. When you take too long to answer their texts or cancel plans on them at the last second, they aren’t going to second guess themselves. They aren’t going to assume they did something to chase you away. They aren’t going to blame themselves for forces out of their control, because they know they aren’t the ones at fault.

Strong girls are not bitchy. Strong girls are picky. They have standards. They refuse to accept less than they deserve and that makes some people uncomfortable because they are used to getting away with exerting the minimum amount of effort. They are used to doing whatever the hell they want without facing any repercussions.

Strong girls are never going to come across as chill girls and they are okay with that. They don’t want to play dating games. They don’t want to sweep problems under the rug to look like they are laid back, like they are fine with being treated like a second choice. They realize their loud mouths can make them come across as clingy or desperate or bitchy, but they know that’s not the truth.

The truth is that it takes a hell of a lot more strength to be vulnerable, to express hidden feelings, than it does to lock those feelings up inside.

Spilling their heart out doesn’t come easy, even for strong girls. It’s hard for them to open up when there is a chance they will be ignored. It’s hard for them to speak their mind when it would be easier to keep quiet and go with the flow. It’s hard for them to cultivate self-love and independence when they were conditioned to behave a certain way since they were little.

But strong girls don’t care who they offend by being themselves. They break boundaries. They push past stereotypes. They have their heart set on being true to themselves. On creating a life they are proud of living.

Strong girls might come across as bitchy, but they are only sticking up for themselves. They are only keeping their standards high. They are only doing what every girl should do.