Being Lost Means That At The End, There’s Something To Be Found


Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why can’t I accomplish anything and just be like others? I feel like people are giving me a limit to prove myself at a certain time.

I’ve been feeling worthless, been trying to prove myself to others. Trust me when I say, “I’ve tried this and I’ve tried that.” Feeling lost is when you are continuously trying to find where you’re gonna end up, what you should be doing right now and tomorrow, and what others think of you.

Feeling lost is when people have implanted within you the idea that you have to reach different goals by the time they expect you to reach it.

Have you ever felt like you are worthless just because you couldn’t meet others’ expectations of you? Have you ever felt like a failure because most of your friends are already “living the dream” and are earning a lot from their jobs?

Have you ever felt lost because you know you’ve been trying so hard to prove yourself to others, but it’s not enough? You can see that others aren’t satisfied with what you are doing, and it leads to you being disappointed with yourself.

It’s okay to be lost—allow yourself to wander. Something good will happen to you. Things will work out; don’t let anyone tell you what to do. It will never be too late for anyone. Trust yourself, that you’ll reap what you sow. Just because you are on a path that is different from others’ doesn’t mean it’s the path for failures.

Being lost means that at the end there is something to be found. Don’t let others pull you down. Some may think that what they want is for your own good, that what they say is what’s best for you. They may be right, but they don’t know the kind of journey in life that you have to go through everyday or the reasons behind your personal challenges.

It is okay to be lost, because if you keep believing in yourself and continue to trust your capabilities in facing everyday struggles, then you are exactly where you should be.