Being Single For Most Of My 20s Has Been Pretty Awesome


I don’t know why I keep going out on dates because I really don’t even want a boyfriend (unless it’s you, Lukas and then “HI.”). I have liked a few people here and there since my 5 year college relationship ended when I was 23, but for the most part, being single for the majority of my 20s has been pretty awesome. Sure, I have bad and lonely days here and there, that’s normal, but here’s just a few reasons why it’s pretty great being single: 

From the second I get home to the time I leave my apartment again, I pretty much never wear pants unless someone is coming over.  

Every now and then, I just sit around eating popsicles and watching Bravo while playing Candy Crush for like AN ENTIRE WEEKEND.  

Half the time, I eat off paper plates and drink out of solo cups because I don’t want to have to do any dishes.  

I can do whatever I want for the most part and I don’t have to check in with anyone or worry someone might get mad or upset. 

The only things in my fridge right now are 2 slices of pizza, 3 beers, grapes and some string cheese and I don’t give a FUCK.  

I take at least one hour-long bath a day and play music and write and honestly, some days I’m in there for 2 hours, you guys.  

Sometimes my apartment gets kind of messy for a couple and days and I’m just like WHATEVEZ.  

Every Sunday morning I go walk around for like 3 hours by myself and it’s the best part of my week.  

Last Saturday night I watched The Lion King and sang all the songs to my dog and it was THE BEST. 

Sometimes I fart and I don’t even have to hide it and I laugh really loud.  

I was totally in love with my last serious boyfriend and I liked cooking him dinner and doing the dishes and the laundry and cleaning up and hiding my farts and all that wife-y stuff. He was my best friend and we had lots of fun together and one day I’d like to have that again with someone new.  

I recently tried to kind of date someone and it reminded me that for now, it’s still pretty fun to not give a shit and have fun. To not have to deal with someone else’s issues or make them listen to me talk about mine. To also be able to think about myself and what I want out of life. To be able to write and read and be quiet and figure things out. To not live with anyone and have to worry about cleaning up and respecting their space.  

I don’t have anyone blowing up my phone with texts all day or getting mad if I don’t text them back. I don’t have to compromise with anyone or say, “well let me see what so and so wants to do for dinner before I can give you an answer on happy hour” to a friend. I even find ways to “like” getting upset over something really dumb like Great Gatsby subtweets because I learn something new about myself in the process all while not really caring that I look like an idiot while doing so.  

Spoiler alert: I’m an idiot.  

I just like being where I am now and not wanting anything more for the moment.

One day, I’ll show this post to my future husband and he’ll give me a high five and say “you’re effing awesome” and then we will have sex on the dryer or whatever you crazy married/coupled up people do.

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image – hillary the mammal