Believe In Yourself – And 7 Other Things We Can Take Away From Trump


Of Late, Deducing Trump Factor
The recently held race to the White House is memorable in every sense. The political rookie from the New York astonished every one and campaigned against all odds like biased media and a slew of videographed misogynist rants from his own past. However, a question still remains, how he could achieve the feat even though being so eccentric?

You Don’t Need To Be A Diplomat Always
Be it workplace or college, we always witness how diplomats succeed in gaining what they want. Mr. Trump has given facepalm to the general conviction and thus proved, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Yes, in reality, you have to stand firm, stick to your beliefs. In the process, chances are great to proliferate the number of your enemies, but you cannot overlook, one fact, you will gain acolytes as well. Your admirers will never leave you because they know U-turns are not in your driving manual.

Be Crazy
Call it craze or passion, follow your goals relentlessly, even if the world calls you fool. From being an also ran in nomination race to becoming president, Mr. Trump’s passion to enter the White House was undeniably admirable. Remember, when being asked if he fails to win the nomination, he immediately retorted, he would run as an independent.

Learn From Mistakes
As the saying goes, “To err is human.” In his previous attempt to clinch the nomination, Mr. Trump had neither any message nor exciting proposition for his audience. In the recent race, he clearly stated his goals, plans, and thoughts. Though many of his plans were ridiculed for being unfeasible, he clung to his first principle and his supporters started loving him more profoundly.

Don’t Succumb To The Past
When a daily published images of his wife’s past, rather than performing tongue pole vault like seasoned politician (we know he is not the one), he admitted it and the issue saw its own death eventually.

Ruthless Is The First Word
If you open the hand written dictionary by Mr. Trump, you will be surprised to see Ruthless as a first word. Rolling on the floor laughing?, think again. Be it Mr. McCain or his opponent Mrs. Clinton, the Realtor launched tirade against them, he did not hesitate to use any means, be it calling Crooked Hillary Clinton or thanking even Russians for DNC document leak.

Believe In Yourself
What has transcended Mr. Trump to this exalted position? Yes, his belief in his potential and ideas. There were naysayers along the way, but Mr. Trump had never let them prove their doubts. Though many pundits forecasted his failure in raising a large campaign fund due to cold shoulder treatment by fellow republican money lords, the maverick did not give up.

You Are Mine If You Are With Me
When it comes to supporters, backers, or well-wishers, it does not matter what their backgrounds are. As far as Mr. Trump is concerned, he embraced Mr. Carson and Mr. Thiel though their backgrounds are not in consonance with his political narrative. Whereas Mr. Trump always despised Mr. McCain though both are white, straight, and conservative.