Best Fans Ever? Thousands Tweet Support For Liam Payne’s Goal Of Quitting Smoking


Not many of us don’t want to think about New Years Resolutions until after we’ve stuffed our face with Christmas cookies and eggnog for three straight weeks, but One Direction singer Liam Payne already has a goal: to end his smoking habit once and for all.

Liam told People magazine that while he knew it would be hard, it was high time that he ditched smoking for good.

“I’m going to try and give up smoking, which is hard, but I do want to. I want to. It’s about time. Need to grow up now.”

Within twenty-four hours, over 200,000 fans tweeted their support for Liam’s healthy goal, many using the hashtag #YouCanDoItLiam.

Some people were initially confused by the hashtag — since it doesn’t specifically explain what people are supporting Liam in — but once everyone was clued in, virtually everyone was supportive.

Seriously, this hashtag is just filled with positivity.

Not only is Liam’s goal great for his personal health, he is being an awesome role model to everyone who wants to take control of their own wellness.

Good luck Liam! If your fandom has anything to say about it, you’ll quit with flying colors.