9+ Best Soaking Tubs to Buy


When you get home from a long day at work or wake up on the weekend ready to indulge in some much-needed self-care, where do you turn to first? Probably your bathtub. If you’re considering adding any upgrades to your space, perhaps you should consider a soaking tub.

Unlike regular bathtubs, soaking tubs offer ample space for you to relax, as well as features such as jets, arcs for back support, and enough depth that you can be totally immersed in water. They’re typically designed as either a standalone basin with extended feet at the bottom that allows the tub to hover just above the ground or curved basins with flat bottoms that can rest right on your bathroom floor, just as a regular tub would. The difference, of course, is that soaking tubs are typically much larger and aren’t attached to a wall on three sides — though, in some cases, they could be.

If you’re interested not only in a soaking tub but perhaps even a clawfoot tub, the differences will mostly be found in the design; clawfoot tubs feature intricately designed feet, historically with gold-encrusted enamel and Victorian elements. Many clawfoot tubs are also famous for featuring beautiful hardware. This is, of course, more room in which you can play with design, color, and material.

In other cases, you can also opt for modern designs featuring whirlpools or other spa-like features, basins constructed from different materials such as copper or even wood. With so many variations on the market, it can be tricky to know where to begin. That’s why we’re ranking our favorite soaking tubs for you to consider.

Soaking tub inspiration

Looking at the way other people have set up their bathrooms can be helpful when you’re considering how you’d like to finish yours. Notice the way they set up their tubs, what accessories they chose, or even what coordinating light fixtures or towels they used to really bring the space together. You might even want to search for spaces that look similar to your own bathroom so that you can more effectively visualize what you might want to create.

Once you’ve decided what direction you want to head, you’ll have to choose your products. That, in itself, can be a challenge, which is why we’ve outlined some of our top picks for soaking tubs. You’ll want to consider the dimensions of both the tub and the bathroom, the placement of the openings for plumbing connections, the weight of the tub, the number of people required for installation, and if the floor can handle the weight of the tub. Once you have those basics covered, it’s all about what really speaks to you and what you really want to have in your home.

Best soaking tubs to purchase

Hydro Systems Designer Redondo Acrylic Tub (RED6918ACO)

One of the first ways you can add luxury to your soaking tub? Change up the shape. This acrylic option offers a large, round basin, meaning you can relax with a partner or stretch out as far as you’d like. This tub holds upwards of 80 gallons of water and comes in different toned whites, such as biscuit (a warmer hue) and bone (a cooler hue). If you have the space, a round soaking tub is the perfect touch of elegance to make you feel like you’re living in a five-star hotel at all times. 

Hydro Systems Metro Logan Acrylic Tub

An alternative play on shape is to go with an upswinging half-moon-shaped basin, one that will look stunning as a freestanding tub in your bathroom but that also holds an incredible amount of water (113 gallons!). 

Hydro Systems Victoria Acrylic Tub & Whirlpool System

The best way to take your soaking tub to the next level? Add whirlpool jets. This acrylic option offers built-in seating, eight standard polished chrome whirlpool jets, and a hydrazone water sanitation feature. This means that you’ll get more or less the experience of being in a hot tub while relaxing in your own home, while at the same time not having to worry about being too cramped or spending a lot of time cleaning it.

Kohler Drop-In Cast Iron Bathtub

This tub is just sleek and simple enough to make it cohesive with a modern design, yet it offers all of the depth and class of a traditional clawfoot. Made from the highest grade AA titanium-based enamel, this tub can be dropped into any base you like.

Kohler Alcove Soaking Bathtub (K-1123-RA)

This tub is just wide enough to make your evening bath feel like a luxury, while still fitting comfortably within a modestly sized bathroom. With a curved apron for your back, a texturized base to ensure traction, and acrylic construction, this tub is as sleek as it is glamorous and can be easily integrated into almost any bathroom design.

Premier Japanese-Style Hammered Copper Soaking Tub (BTR45DB)

If you’re interested in adding something exciting and unique to your home, consider a one-of-a-kind soaking tub. This one features a circular design, a copper bench on which you can sit, and an incredible 36-inch depth. Not only does it make for an immersive bathing experience, but it can also be an asset to your sleekest, most natural or even Asian-inspired design.

Alcove Soaking Bathtub with Integral Apron and Left Drain

If you don’t have enough room in your bathroom to place a standalone basin, consider an alcove soaking tub that will fit into where any traditional tub would but can also offer the features of elongated depth, whirlpools, or a back arch. This tub comes with a drain on the left side, multiple options for white and off-white acrylic finishes, and a 14-inch soaking depth.

Memoirs 66″ x 42″ Drop-In Soaking Bathtub

If you’d like to incorporate a deeper tub into your bathroom design but aren’t happy with the plain finishes that many tubs feature, you can opt for a drop-in tub such as this one. In this case, the tub is just the acrylic innard of the basin, which means that you can purchase or even in some cases build just the right outer design for your liking.  

Hydro Systems Metro Collection Thermal Air Bath Tub (SOH4830MTA-WHI)

Finally, if you’d like to bridge the best of both a soaking tub and a clawfoot, the Metro Logan could be the option for you. With a super-sleek design, half-moon-shaped basin, high ends for back support, and a flat-based bottom, you get the look of a clawfoot with the practicality of a modern tub, topped off with a super-clean design that’s easy to incorporate in any space.