The 21 Best ‘WTF Anna’ Moments From ‘The Anna Nicole Show’


1. When she always remembered what was truly important

2. When she discovered how invisibility works

3. When she realized what was missing in her life

4. When she got way existential

5. When her pussy quivered

6. When she was always prepared

7. When she had the courage to ask the important questions

8. When she taught us how to prioritize our time

9. When we met Cousin Shelly

10. When she dreamed big

11. When she was completely honest

12. When she said it better than Shakespeare

13. When she was a philosopher

14. And a feminist icon

15. When she dished out next level insults

16. When she introduced us to the trifecta

17. When she showed us what she’s working with

18. When she was just Anna bein’ Anna

19. When she showed us her DIY bank

20. When she taught us how to hustle

21. When we were surprised to find, we related to Anna Nicole after all