Beyoncé’s Twins Will Probably Be Geminis And People On Twitter Don’t Know How To Feel About It


Beyoncé fans haven’t been able to shut up about her pregnancy since she announced it back in February, and can you blame them? One of the most high profile stars in the world is not just gracing the world with one, but two children, and honestly, we are not worthy.

Her family recently held a baby shower called “The Carter Push Party”, which is super adorable and pretty exciting when you realize that probably means Queen Bey is due soon and it won’t be long until we know all the details about the expanding Carter clan.

Hold up before you get too excited, though, because there’s a twist: Beyoncé will be going into labor soon, which means her children will be born during Gemini season.

Yep, that’s right. Beyoncé’s perfect children may be born under the most hated zodiac sign of all.

If you’re one of the few who don’t understand why this is a Huge Problem, let me explain.

“Gemini slander” is the new hip thing in astrology — basically, a lot of people hate on Geminis because of, well, everything I suppose. They don’t exactly have the best reputation (they’re considered two-faced, unreliable backstabbers) and people tend to be pretty harsh to them because of it.

I mean, both Donald Trump and Mike Pence are Geminis. Can you blame us?

So when people found out that Beyoncé, a literal angel without any true imperfections, was probably going to have Gemini babies, a lot of people felt personally victimized.

Of course, Geminis were pretty stoked, because of course they were. Who wouldn’t want little Carter-Knowles babies representing their sign?

Some even wondered if the twins could be what it really took to set balance to the universe and get rid of the Gemini slander for good.

LOL, yeah right. Let’s be real: even they probably can’t undo all the Gemini hate. It runs too deep now.

Maybe a miracle will happen and Beyoncé will be able to hold off till Cancer season? It’s worth hoping for. We’re rooting for you, Bey.