Billy Eichner And Will Ferrell Spread Holiday Cheer The Only Way They Know How


If you haven’t seen Billy on the Street, comedian Billy Eichner’s show on truTV, do yourself a favor and fall into a YouTube hole of hilarity. Billy runs around the streets of NYC doing whatever he damn well pleases and frankly, it’s fucking hilarious.

So what could make it funnier? Oh I don’t know, maybe Christmas onesies and Will Ferrell? Just a thought.

Billy and Will galavanted around asking people various Christmas trivia and really spreading the holiday cheer. And the people? Well…they had some feelings about it.

Feeling pure shocked when confronted with Craig from Parks and Rec and Buddy the Elf is honestly a natural reaction.

The fact that they’re decked like the fucking halls doesn’t change the fact that you will be terrified and speechless.

But GUESS. WHAT. Billy doesn’t CARE that you’re edgy, with your cold brew in December, blondie! HE DOESN’T CARE.

Still…being stopped on the sidewalk and pointed at by Will Ferrell is defs #lifegoalz.

Honestly not accepting a gift from Buddy the Elf is like taking a four-year-old to a screening of Krampus.

I’m not sure who is more amped here but all I know is that I really need to know where I can get one of those onesies.

Speaking of things I want/need…a Leo DiCaprio Christmas bulb is definitely on my list.

Billy and his BFF Will are just here to bring a little bit of aggressive Christmas magic (and genuine manger hay!!!) to your day.

And then they’re going to leave you with a whole dollar!?!? God bless us, everyone.