Blake Lively Just Shaded Husband Ryan Reynolds On Instagram For His Birthday And I Am Here For It


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are literally #goals when it comes to relationships. They’re both insanely hot, love the shit out of each other, and both have incredible careers. Did I mention they’re both really, really attractive?

Anyway, last August, Reynolds gave his wife a birthday shout out on the ‘gram that literally only featured a sliver of her face. It was hilarious:

Needless to say, Lively did not forget. In fact, she decided to get revenge for Reynolds’ birthday, by posting this picture on both Twitter and Instagram:

Wow, did it just get dark in here? Because that’s some serious #shade. And I love it. I live for this.

Needless to say, Twitter also weighed in on Lively’s hysterical clapback:

I’m definitely going to have to say Lively has won this round because Ryan Gosling. But in actuality, they both win because they’re Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively and are married and rich and famous and have really cute kids.

Anyway, nothing like two people who are both hot and hilarious to make you remember why you’re alone! If you need me, I’ll be eating ramen with Ragu sauce.