Blessings In Disguise Really Don’t Wear Disguises At All


The phone call that never came. That moment where you can erase the question mark and write down the word peace instead.

The feeling of reassurance in the face of a monster whose shadow will always be at your back. Shape-shifting memories where most can easily be turned into live-savers in times when I need to recuse my sanity from slipping in the quicksand of fearful tears.

Blessings in disguise really don’t wear disguises at all. For me, they wear the faces of all those I love and care for.

Blessings in disguise, to me, are the sun’s warmth, a bright white, perfectly round moon. The joy in the simple things, like a song that brings me back to every happy memory I have ever had. They laughter that the walls of my home hold like an unearthed time capsule. The tears of pain and sorrow that never took us under past the deep end, but instead we planted new hope with. That hope gave us an armor of strength and fortitude that I can only consider to be in itself a blessing in disguise that we all continue to wear for strength and power. For when we are at our weakest and are ever so fragile. Blessings in disguise don’t have to be grand or extraordinary, but rather simple and ordinary. For any blessing whether disguised or not, still holds the utmost beauty.

All you have to do is pay attention when it arrives. Are you paying attention to the blessing in disguise?

Stop looking above your head. They’re all around you, not just in the sky. Stop looking with your eyes, and try looking with your heart wide open instead. For the heart I believe, is the true window to any soul. Don’t be afraid to let it show you your blessing in disguise.