Boyfriends Ranked From Genuinely Good Guys To Total Fuckboys


Disclaimer: Don’t freak out, because your man might be the exception. Or he might be the rule…

1. Cancer

Cancers attach themselves to one person. If they are talking to you, they are only talking to you, even if your relationship isn’t defined yet. They aren’t the type to play the field, to jump from one person to the next person. Once they fall for you, they will give you their all. They won’t flirt with anyone else, won’t stare at anyone else, won’t dream of leaving you for anyone else.

2. Aquarius

This sign might act like a skeptic to seem cool, to protect their heart, but they are actually mushy deep down inside. Once they find someone they want to date, they will shower them with affection. They will drown them with attention. They will delete their Tinder app, delete their exes from their phone, and commit 100%.

3. Libra

Libras are honest. They are loyal. And they will take forever to make the first move. They won’t kiss you unless you give them permission. They won’t sleep with you unless they are sure that you are both on the same page. Whether they are looking for something serious or just a summer fling, they will want to discuss your feelings before acting on their feelings.

4. Capricorn

Capricorns will be blunt with you, even when they need to say something that will hurt for you to hear. If they want to date you, you will know it. If they want to just be friends, you will know it. If they want to sleep with you, you will know it. You can’t really call them fuckboys, because they tell you exactly what they are looking for. There aren’t any secrets with them. They are open and honest from your first conversation.

5. Pisces

A Pisces will accidentally lead you on. They will treat you with so much kindness, they will make you laugh so hard, they will make you feel so special — that you will assume that they have feelings for you. But, the thing is, they treat everyone like that. They aren’t trying to hurt you. But it happens anyway, because they create a super thin line between friendly and flirtatious.

6. Aquarius

This sign is afraid of getting hurt. That’s why they hesitate to commit to someone — and when they do, they might still keep in contact with their ex or a close friend of a gender they’re attracted to. They want a backup plan in case things go wrong. They want to know that, even if this relationship fails, they aren’t going to crumble to pieces, so they keep around some other options.

7. Taurus

Even though they claim that they are nice guys, and they seem like it when they’re in a good mood, they can get nasty when they get turned down. They might accuse you of being ugly after you reveal you already have a boyfriend, even though they called you beautiful five minutes before. They don’t take rejection well. Sometimes, it makes them lash out.

8. Leo

Leos want their independence. They don’t want to text you every single time they leave the house and list out all the people they’re going to be seeing. They might dodge your questions. They might go MIA for a while. They might treat you like a second choice, because they aren’t sure if they like you enough to consider you a first priority.

9. Aries

While they are talking to you, they are also talking to several other people at once. They aren’t technically doing anything wrong, because instead of jumping into real relationships, they prefer almost relationships. That way, even when they hurt you, they don’t have to feel guilty or apologize because they never actually promised to commit to you. They can say it was your fault for falling too hard, for taking the flirting more seriously than you should have.

10. Gemini

This sign hates confrontation. If they aren’t interested in you, they won’t want to have an emotional conversation with you about why things aren’t working out. So if they get tired of you, they will ghost you. They will stop answering your messages. Delete you from their social media. Walk right past you if they see you at a restaurant. They will act like whatever happened between the two of you meant absolutely nothing to them.

11. Scorpio

Scorpios send mixed signals, because even they aren’t sure what they want. Do they want to stay single? Do they want to keep their options open? Or do they want to date you? Do they want to risk getting hurt by you? They keep questioning their own feelings, which is why they will act like they are totally into you one day and then you’ll see them post a snap with their arm around someone else the next day.

12. Sagittarius

If this sign only wants to sleep with you, then they will find a way to make that happen. To convince you that they are worthy of your time. And once they get what they want from you, they will leave you behind without an explanation. They won’t date someone out of pity, out of some sort of obligation. If they are happier alone, they will stay alone. They do what’s best for them and sometimes hurt others in the process.