Britney and Iggy Azalea Officially Drop Summer Anthem “Pretty Girls” And It Officially Sucks


Britney and Iggy just officially dropped their highly anticipated summer jam “Pretty Girls” after it leaked online a few days ago.

In the song Britney sings “All around the world, pretty girls / Wipe the floor with all the boys / Pour the drinks, bring the noise / We’re just so pretty!”)

Hmm…alright. I’m all for female anthems but let’s be honest: this song fucking sucks.

Britney’s vocals are rubbery and worn on an overused beat, making the song sound more like a shitty hybrid of “Fancy” and “Hollaback Girl.” And Iggy…well, it’s Iggy.

There’s no doubt this song will be played over and over again on every damn radio station and college girl’s Spotify playlist titled ~*~SUMMER 2K15!!~*~ for the next four months but damn, dudes, I am disappointed.

This is not the summer anthem we need. This is not the summer anthem we deserve.

*shrug* Guess I’ll go back to listening to “Trap Queen.”