Broken Girl, Your Fragile Heart Will Heal


Have hope that things will get better.

Trust that the ache you feel inside your heart will go away.

Believe that goodness still remains in this world.

To the broken girl, you will heal.

Prop yourself up from this heartache and do not let it take over.

The hurt you feel inside does not define you.

Him leaving you is not a definition of your worth.

Him leaving you is his loss, not yours.

This too shall pass, broken girl.

Do not allow yourself to continue in the path of prolonged sadness.

For as long as the sun still shines, you have a chance to make each new day a positive one.

You fell, but it does not mean you can’t get up again.

Broken girl, you are brave for taking a chance on love, because not many dare go down that road.

Facing this world alone can be tiring, we understand that.

Loving a broken man with an unattainable heart won’t help you; it will only leave you exhausted.

You deserve to be strengthened, not brought down the way he did with you.

It’s not that he didn’t love you, because I’m sure he did.

Yet a narcissist will always love themselves more than they’ll ever love you and may that give you the comfort you’re looking for, broken girl.

You don’t need to shut out the world or close your heart off.

There is no need to feel resentment, anger, or bitterness after everything that took place.

You don’t even have to swear off men, broken girl.

Bring back the person who believes that love is worth it.

Show the world the version of yourself that believes that a soulmate is worth the wait.

Give the universe what it deserves: a loving and caring individual who radiates positivity in everyone’s lives.

Show me that side of you, broken girl.

These moments should not serve as an option to drown yourself in sadness.

The heartbreak should not become the reason you turn into a cynic in love.

Your fragile heart should not be a reason for your reckless behavior.

Sadness is not an excuse for you to remain broken.

Gather the courage to move on, regardless of how painful it will be.

You are brave enough to begin deleting his pictures, his messages, and memories of him.

He does not deserve you and the parts that make you incredible.

You can do it, broken girl. You can free yourself of this misery.