The Trendiest Brushed Nickel Bathroom Accessories You Should Buy


One of the more defining elements of modern bathroom design is statement metals, most popularly seen in hardware such as faucets, and other accessories. Though golds and coppers have been trending in recent years, brushed nickel is another highly desirable finish that is both sleeker than the traditional stainless steel, and yet may age better than other options. 

Why Is Brushed Nickel A Popular Color Choice?

Brushed nickel appears as a sort of warmer silver, with a more matte topcoat. Nickel itself is a silvery-white metal that gives a distinctly different appearance than other options.

Brushed nickel is a popular choice because while it isn’t necessarily as trendy as a brushed gold or matte black finish (though both of those could age nicely as well) it also isn’t as common as a regular gold or stainless steel or silver finish. This makes it seem a bit more high-end and aesthetically appealing, while not being such a statement that it becomes hard to integrate with the rest of your home’s design.

What’s The Difference Between Brushed Nickel And Brushed Chrome?

Though they may sound similar, brushed nickel and brushed chrome are two very different finishes. 

First, the most significant difference is the way the metal is tinted. The chrome plating gives it a slight blue shine, whereas nickel has a more yellow appearance. You could accurately describe the difference as chrome being cooler, and nickel being warmer. 

Though they may only vary slightly in appearance, when it comes to price, the contrast can be steep for both options. Brushed nickel tends to be more expensive than brushed chrome, though it is possible to get different items at different price points. Generally speaking though, both brushed chrome and brushed nickel start around $20-$32, and can scale out at $800-$1300 for the more expensive items.

As far as durability goes, both options should hold up for you pretty well, however, many people prefer brushed nickel over chrome for the sheer fact that it hides fingerprints and water spots more efficiently, whereas any fixture with a shiny finish will immediately show any imperfections.

What Types Of Bathroom Accessories Come In Brushed Nickel?

Though you can likely find most accessories in brushed nickel, here are some of the most popular, and how they are used in your bathroom. 

Remember that what’s most important is coordinating metals. Therefore, if you have a brushed nickel faucet, you will want a brushed nickel towel bar, or hook, as well.

Towel Bars

These are the bars found on the wall right outside your shower. They hold both wet and dry towels while you’re showering, and for when you want to dry them out afterward. Towel bars are almost always metal, as that is a more durable option. 

Grab Bars

Grab bars can be found anywhere in a bathroom or home, but are most commonly located on the sides of the wall next to the bathtub, so that you can grip onto something when getting up and down from the tub, particularly when the basin is wet and slippery. 

Tissue Paper Holders

In your bathroom, one of the most fundamental accessories is also a disposable one: your toilet paper. If you don’t want it to be sitting on the floor or on the countertop (which, of course, you don’t) you’ll need a tissue paper holder, which can suspend the toilet paper at arm’s reach, making it easier to use and access.

Robe Hooks

Robes are stored in the bathroom in the same way that towels are: for use after a shower, and to dry them out. However, robes don’t fit over towel racks as seamlessly as other linens do, which is why some people use robe hooks instead. These hooks can be found on the back of the door, or in any other location that’s most convenient. 

Our Favorite Brushed Nickel Bathroom Accessories

[tc-product id=”jishlgmr”]

This toilet paper holder would pair perfectly in a traditional bathroom. With a beveled base, it is distinctly suited for that type of style, but is sized to accommodate a small to mid-sized bathroom.

[tc-product id=”rcexaqc”]

This double robe hook is perfect if you have more than one person frequently using your bathroom, but don’t want to install more than one hook onto the wall. The innovative design has it so that two modern hooks actually span out from underneath one another, giving you space to hang more than one robe or towel at once.

[tc-product id=”vlxwktio”]

This towel bar is as straightforward as it comes: with multiple finish options and a slight beveling on each of the fasteners, this would fare well in both a traditional or a contemporary bathroom. 

[tc-product id=”mopc”]

This grab bar would be a great addition to any tub, particularly because it’s minimal, sleek, and does not impede on the design of your bathroom space in the way that other, bolder options might. 

[tc-product id=”mzftscm”]

This toilet paper holder with an assist bar is a great two-in-one accessory. If you or a loved one may have trouble getting up and down from the toilet, installing a toilet paper holder as well as a handlebar together on the wall or vanity ensures maximum ease of access and use.

[tc-product id=”otwqgidx”]

The brushed nickel on this grab bar is a bit darker in finish, making it appear to be more like a brushed copper. This is perfect to coordinate with similarly colored accessories. 

[tc-product id=”vtcdpumw”]

A bathroom towel rack and shelf combination allows you ultimate storage, both to stack items such as washcloths as well as hang towels and other accessories.