Calling All Basics And Coffee-Lovers: Coffee Ice Cubes Are The Best Ever


“…They gave me the regular ice cubes,” I despondently informed my boyfriend.

“Why don’t you ask the lady for the coffee ones?” he asked earnestly.

“I don’t know. What if I imagined them last night? What if they were really water ice cubes and I thought they were made of coffee because of the lighting? I’ll feel really stupid.”

He didn’t respond.

I sipped my iced coffee sadly, imagining the group that had plopped down next to us were individually enjoying ice cubes made of coffee in their beverages. I moved my straw in my plastic cup.

“Well, we could order coffee to-go, and then you can request the coffee ice cubes.”

My eyes lit up.

“Really? You don’t mind having a second cup for the road? I don’t want to be excessive, but I was really looking forward to it.”

“Of course not. I could do another,” he responded.


If it isn’t yet abundantly clear, I think coffee ice cubes are the bee’s knees. When the cubes melt, more coffee! It’s two cups in one! Such examples of genius are tough to find these days.

Unfortunately, so are these coffee cubes. I have only had the pleasure of drinking double coffee in a few places.

Tonight, I decided to change that.


I present, Homemade Coffee Ice Cubes for Basics and Coffee-Lovers Alike:


-Coffee beans and grinder, or grinds of choice


-Flavored syrup, if desired


-Ice cube tray

-Tea kettle or similar water-heating device

-French press, percolator, Keurig, or any coffee maker


  1. Boil water in tea kettle. Measure enough water to fill French press, and then some, just in case of evaporation during the heating process.
  1. Scoop necessary amount of coffee grinds into French press.
  1. When kettle begins to sound, pour hot water into French press. Allow to sit for five minutes.
  1. Press button on top of press, moving the screen downward to separate coffee from grinds. Allow to sit for a few more minutes.
  1. Pour coffee into ice tray.
  1. If desired, add flavor syrup of choice. Most basics use pumpkin, especially because Fall is approaching. Only use a couple of drops per cube. Stir syrup in each cube space with a toothpick.
  1. Place ice tray in freezer and wait until cubes are fully frozen, typically two-to-three hours from placement.
  1. Probably leave a note on the ice tray, so roommates, parents, and freezer gnomes don’t try to put coffee in their Pepsi.
  1. Enjoy!


Now, you, my basic friends, can fully participate in Life again. No longer will you feel the dread that signifies the impending bottom of an iced coffee. Never again will the anxiety of losing an unpaid subordinate over outrageous demands of multiple iced coffees per day afflict your weary heart. Forever gone is the two o’clock feeling, and in its place is the everything’s funny even though I might have a heart attack feeling. And deep down, we all know that’s the preferable one.