Can Pope Francis Help Fix The Middle East?


Pope Francis has developed a reputation of being the Pope of the People, a common man whose goal is to bring Catholicism into the new world. Pope Francis is also the first Latin Pope, despite the fact that the Latin Catholic Church is extraordinarily large and has been for some time. While he has received some negative comments, the overview of the Pope’s new reign has been relatively positive. Recently, Pope Francis went on a trip to the Middle East, along with a notable entourage and some new friends, here are a few things of note.

Vatican City = Camp David

Camp David is essentially a summer home for the President, yet that is not it’s most notable feature. Two separate agreements were signed at Camp David, and these agreements led to the Egypt-Israeli Peace Treaty. FYI, These were done without Palestinian consent.

Pope Francis invited members of the Palestinian government and the Israeli government to pray together at his home in Vatican City. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and Israeli President Shimon Peres have both accepted the Pope’s invitation. You should definitely read this article for more information.


Pope Francis is not the only religious leader on trip, Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Sheik Omar Abboud joined him. If you are confused about the diversity of those names you aren’t alone. However, Pope Francis collaborated with the Rabbi and Sheik often while he was Archbishop, and for the symbolism alone this was a significant moment.

We’re the three best friends that anyone could ever have

Pope Francis was the first Pope to enter the “State of Palestine” West Bank. Well who cares, maybe he had to make a deposit right? The West Bank is a part of Palestine, and the Pope just unofficially endorsed the idea of Palestine becoming it’s own state, not a “nonmember observer state” as said by the UN, but it’s own country.

Pope Francis was also the first Pope to pay his respects to the grave of Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism. Zionism is the (old) movement to move the Jewish community to Israel. By doing so Pope Francis symbolically reaffirmed his support for Israel.

Pope Francis is not done with his Middle Eastern trip, and he’s on his way to Jerusalem. So far Pope Francis’ trip has already been historic in not only his colleagues but also in the new friends he’s made, and we are waiting on what’s yet to come.

image – Globovision