Cancer, Leo, Virgo, And Libra: The Givers Of The Zodiac


Cancer: Gives selflessly, but they expect what they gave to you back in return. For example, if they provided emotional support, they expect it back from you when they tell you they’re feeling low.

Leo: The ultimate gift-giver. They love to give, it fills them up. It’s a kind of altruistic egoism. They give because it makes you feel good, which in turn makes them feel good. It can also be a self-soothing mechanism.

Virgo: The most selfless of all the givers. Doesn’t expect anything in return. However, the person receiving the gift or favor does have a price to pay. I’ve noticed with Virgo girls, they will drag you for not doing it yourself. If they’re helping you to clean your house they will remind you that you should be doing this. Virgo guys, however, shower themselves with compliments while doing said favor. “Oh, I always love to help people out. That’s just the kind of person I am”. It’s endearing both ways.

Libra: It’s the hardest to understand Libra’s motives while giving. They give seemingly selflessly, but then they expect something back, and here’s the best part: They expect you to guess what they want back and guess correctly or you’ll be sorry. If they feel they have to ask you to do what they want as repayment, they will feel that it isn’t authentic and you might as well not even try.